ReproduceMe Ontology Network (ReproduceMeON)

ReproduceMeON is a an ontology network for the reproducibility of scientific studies. The ontology network, which includes the foundational and core ontologies, attempts to bring together different aspects of the provenance of scientific studies from various applications to support their reproducibility. The repository provides the development process of ReproduceMeON and the design methodology of developing core ontologies for the provenance of scientific experiments and machine learning using a semi-automated approach. The repository provides a systematic literature review in different areas in provenance, scientific experiments, Machine Learning, computational, microscopy, and scientific workflows. We also provide the state of the art ontolgies used for the development of ReproduceMeON. Ontology matching techniques are used to select and develop core ontology for each sub-domain and link to other ontologies in the sub-domain.